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Zombie Emergency Procedures

by HitGirl on 29/JUN/12 | Back to HitGirl's Media

“Three important tips to remember when fighting hordes of zombies.”

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Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Survival Horror
Release Date: 15/SEP/09
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Lords of the Dead

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There's nothing here about 80 foot tall Zombie Lords.
Don't forget to stock your Emergency Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit with chainsaw, fuel, and a double barreled Remington. This message brought to you by S-Mart. Shop SMart. Or else.
And keep your shovel sharp and ready.
And remember, always use a spade, never a scoop shovel.
Tip #3 is the best
Better zombie hordes trying to eat your brain while on fire than zombie hordes trying to eat your brain while soaked in acid.
Anyone who watches Bleach should have little trouble thinking of a defense against acid-soaked zombies.
Bleach rocks. Senbonzakura and Getsuga tensho should both be quite effective.
Not exactly what I had in mind.
What did you have in mind?
Bleach. Just bleach.
Pouring bleach on an acid-soaked zombie? Wouldn't that make it explode like a Slitheen?
No. It might catch fire, but Svoboda did say that was better than an acid-soaked zombie.
Bah! The only GOOD zombie is a DEAD zombie! Uhh, wait a minute..
I know a few people who are good zombies until they've had their coffee.
"Bleach and sugar with your coffee sir?"
I'd rather coffee and sugar while I watch Bleach.
I'll just have the sugar. Hold the coffee.
*pops a Coke*
I prefer my artificial flavoring and coloring in a solution with artificial sugar, thank you.
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